Snooker Cues

We're proud of our selection of cues from some of the best known names in snooker. Three-quarter jointed snooker cues are our most popular, while centre-jointed snooker cues are more compact when not in use so allow for easier carrying and storage, and purists may still prefer a one-piece snooker cue. We've a selection of shorter snooker cues for junior players and a range of great value snooker cues for those on a tight budget.

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Three-quarter jointed snooker cues

Full-size cues split into two pieces with the joint three-quarters along the cue

Centre-jointed Snooker Cues

Full-size cues split into two pieces with the joint in the middle

One-piece Snooker Cues

Full-size cues with no joint, popular with snooker purists

Junior snooker cues

Shorter cues for children and leprauchauns

Signature cues

Cues endorsed by snooker champions

Ronnie O'Sullivan cues

Cues by Riley endorsed by Ronnie O'Sullivan

Budget cues