PowerGlide Noir Fibreglass Centre-Jointed Snooker Cue

The most technically advanced fibreglass cues in Powerglides range

Featuring a high quality fibreglass shaft and butt so ensure a straight, strong and visually amazing snooker cue. 57" long with a laminated multi layer tip for accuracy.

Fibreglass and Composite Reinforced Shaft and Butt. Ultra smooth high gloss multi layered paint and lacquer finish. Shock dampening 3M Foam to butt for reduced vibration and feel. Matte EasyGlide shaft finish. High grade monolayer 10mm natural leather tip for control, feel and spin. Stainless steel ferrule. Stainless steel total engineered quick release joint for excellent power transfer and feel. Protective and ergonomically designed rubber buffer avoids damage. Discreet PowerGlide Logo. Length 57". Assorted weights available.

Cue Length - 57" (144cm)

Shaft Length - 72.5cm (excluding tip)

Butt Length - 72cm (excluding protruding joint and buffer)

Shaft - Fibreglass

Tip - High grade monolayer 10mm natural leather tip

Butt - Fibreglass

Decoration - High gloss multi layered paint and lacquer finish

Joint - Stainless steel engineered quick release

Butt End Joint - Rubber Bumper

Weight - Assorted in 18oz, 19oz

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In stock Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.