Peradon Newbury Three Quarter Jointed Snooker Cue (with Pro-line shaft)

As the oldest cuemakers in the world Peradon are well known for their traditional style. And although on the surface the Newbury looks like a classic cue, it embraces the latest in cue technology with amazing results

Peradon Newbury (Butt close up)

Rather than being produced from a single piece of timber, the 'Pro-line' shaft is precision-cut from maple into multiple sections. These are then laminated with walnut wood inlays.

This process releases any tension in the wood and produces a cue which minimises deflection (the throw of the cue ball when struck off-centre horizontally) due to the way energy is absorbed and transferred through the cue when it strikes the ball. This approach also reduces the likelihood of the cue warping.

The walnut inlays produce perfectly straight lines the length of the cue. A real plus for anybody who currently uses the grain of a cue when sighting a shot.

This Pro-line shaft is hand-spliced to a genuine ebony four-point butt. It features a polished brass ferrule and 9-10mm Elkmaster tip and a solid brass Peradon 'Quick Action' joint 16" from the butt and a butt-joint to accept a range of optional extensions.

In play the cue has an action to compare with the very best cues anywhere. The Proline shaft is dense which helps to deliver a lot of power with little effort and the feel of the shot is transferred fully to the hand giving vital feedback. The cue is striking from the off with its distinct look and super-smooth finish and in play it lives up to its promise.

This is one of the heavier cues in this range and can be as heavy as 21oz.

This cue can optionally be fitted with an engraved disc or plate with your name. Just add the personalised disc or plate product below and specify the text you'd like engraving in the comments box during checkout. Please allow up to 7 days (disc) or 14 days (plate) for a personalised cue to arrive.

All of our Peradon cues are the latest model from Peradon's 2022 range with the latest joints and accessories. Don't unknowingly buy an older model!

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This cue is also available in our Peradon Newbury Professional Package which contains a superb case, extensions and other accessories — everything you need to get the most out of the game.

John Parrott says...

"The latest technology with classic styling make this very attractive."

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