Sure Shot Multi Games Table

A top level robust four in one 7ft multi games table with a rotational design which allows you to change easily between pool, air hockey and table tennis, as well as a dining table option which can also be used for many other activities

The design of the table allows you to switch quickly from one activity to the next.

Pool -

The playing surface of the pool table is covered in a high-quality cloth surface which guarantee the smoothest ball movement and consistent roll across the table. The rubber that sits around the cushion gives a true response to allow the ball to rebound from any angle.

The pool table comes complete with two wooden cues measuring 145cm in length, one set of numbered pool balls with a diameter of 57mm, and one white ball with a diameter of 54mm. The table is also supplied with a triangle, brush, and two cubes of chalks. The table has a facility at one end so the balls can be stored as well as the cue in the centre.

Air Hockey -

On the opposite side to the pool table is the Air Hockey, with a powerful 230V electric fan, to ensure consistent air flow and low friction. At each end of the table, there are goal boxes to catch the puck after you score.

The Air Hockey Table comes complete with two pushers and two pucks. Each table has a handy storage compartment at the end of the table for them.

Table Tennis -

The third game on the Multi Games Table is table tennis. It has a playing surface of 7' in length x3'6" width and a 12mm thick top. This is a ¾ size table which is suitable for a good game of table tennis without needing so much space to play.

The table comes with a net and post set, two bats and three balls.

P1 - 214cm x 123cm x 23cm

Weight - 130kg

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