Roberto Sport Export International Coin Op

A top quality indoor coin-operated table

Created as a single block structure, the Export football table has been created using a tough multi-layered poplar with a melamine coating, the legs were created using aluminium to support the weight of the football table. Thanks to the particularly small aluminium frame, you will have all the advantages of the covered model (preventing the theft of the balls, cushioning the noise and keeping the playing field clean), without compromising the playability and guaranteeing an excellent view of the playing field.

This football table is coin operated for use with the £1 coin.

Construction: Multi-layer Poplar with a Melamine coating

Playing Surface: 5mm Tempered Glass playing field

Playing Dimensions: 110cm x 135cm x 90cm

Table Leg: Aluminium Legs with fixed feet

Table Feet: Fixed

Table Rods: Telescopic Rods – Diameter 18mm

Handel Size: Export Diameter 18mm

Colour: Black with Blue/Red figures

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