Baden Sports GB11 'Genui' Leather Softball (Pack of 3)

The Official 11" ball of British Softball federation, and used in most leagues around the UK. Designed for female hitters

The ball has been specifically designed to suit the needs of the UK market, unlike most other models it includes a full leather cover as opposed to a composite leather cover seen in most other countries. The ball has been designed to meet the New ASA standard with .52 COR and 300lbs compression. the cover also comes in High-Vis Optic Yellow for greater visibility and with safety in mind.

- Official 11" ball of the British Softball Federation

- High quality match ball which meets ASA's new specifications - .52 COR and 300lbs

- Official size and weight - 11"

- Genuine leather cover suitable for the UK market

- Hi-visibility yellow with flat red stitching

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