Peradon Timesafe Luminaire Professional Lighting System

This stunning high quality snooker table lighting provides a professional approach to lighting your snooker table

This lightweight and ultra bright lighting system provides a more even illumination across the whole bed of the table with absolutely no cushion shadowing and dramatically reduces the ball shadow that conventional canopy lighting causes.

* Grade 'A' energy efficient tubes (10,000 hours lifespan)

* 232W output with exceptional brightness

* Suitable for 10ft and 12ft tables

* Massive shadow reduction from balls

* Eliminates all cushion shadowing

* Smart modern styling

* Includes suspension cables (2 sets)

* 2 units, each measuring 156 x 27 x 9cm (easily bolted together)

* Weight 4.5kg each

Please note: this product should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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Currently unavailable Discontinued.