Peradon Timesafe DCT Light Meter

Accumulative dual coin operation, programmable 7kVA light meter (£1 and 20p only) with a high impact resistant ABS case

The meter can be programmed to accept £1 coins only, 20 pence coins only or both £1 and 20 pence coins. Different lighting times can be allocated to each coin.

This is an accumulative meter, meaning that further coins can be inserted at any time and the light time remaining will accumulate.

This meter has no coin reject facility, so if an incorrect coin is entered it will fall through to the cash box without the light coming on.

The digital display will show light time remaining and will even advise how much should be in the cash box when emptying.

This meter also features a matchplay key override facility, so that coins do not have to be inserted during tournaments.

Very simple two button programming.

Power consumption of the timer is approximately 22W (at 230V AC). Loads of up to 7kVA (30A resistive) can be switched directly by the timer.

Fuses: Type T HBC 250V breaking capacity, 20 x 5mm

FS1 500mA

Display: 0.6 inch high green LED

Coins: £1, 20p (either or both)

Dimensions: H: 270mm W: 183mm D: 93mm

Weight: 1.4kg

Case: High impact ABS

Lock: Radial 8 pin with one key

Cash Box Capacity: Approximately 100 coins

Please not that this product should be installed by a qualified electrician.

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