Peradon Aluminium Three-Quarter Case (black)

Peradon's classic aluminium case is now available in black for the first time

Peradon black aluminium three-quarter cue case (open)

A good strong case which offers the best possible protection for your kit. Cue and extensions are held securely in place with a firm foam which absorbs any knocks.

It has 2 channels that run the length of the case to easily accommodate a cue, screw-in extension and mini-butt. There's a small compartment at one end for chalk, tips and other small accessories. And the upper half has additional foam which holds the items securely in place when closed.

The metal clasps are lockable for additional security - each case comes supplied with a set of keys.

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John Parrott says...

"A great case with the quality you'd expect from Peradon now available in black."

Currently unavailable, awaiting new stock