Our response to COVID-19

In order to comply fully with the goverment's latest advice we have taken the decision to close our warehouse facility (effective of 24 March, 2020). We are therefore currently unable to process new orders — any orders placed during this period will be processed on our return.

Existing orders have been fulfilled as normal. Our customer services team remain available and will continue to respond to emails with any questions.

We wish all of our customers safe passage through these unprecedented times and look forward to serving you again in the future.

Aramith Nic Barrow's Ultimate Training Ball

A genuine Belgian Aramith training ball with two different patterns to improve potting skills, cue ball control and knowledge of side-spin with Nic's tried and trusted methods.

The object ball side: to improve your aiming, sighting and potting using a brand new pair of aim lines.

The cue ball side: master your cue action and positional play with a simple grid system for where to strike the cue ball.

The cue ball calculator: an innovative new tool to help you calculate where and how to place the cue ball for the next shot. You place it on the table to give you a visual guide to where you want the cue ball to land.

Also comes with a 16 page instruction booklet with full diagrams and explanations.

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Available for pre-order Please see our COVID-19 response