PowerGlide Professional Fusion Three Quarter Cue (with sleeve and extensions)

African Ebony front splice set against eye-catching four point Zebrawood with five point double pointed natural and purple coloured veneers

Powerglide Fusion Snooker Cue (butt)
Powerglide Soft Cue Sleeve
Powerglide Three-piece Extensions

Professional features:

* Exotic wood

* Ebony butt

* Hand-made splices

* Selected enhanced grain ash shaft

* Matching straight grain

* Clear feathering

* Precision-engineered quick release joint

* 9.5mm Elkmaster tip

* Brass ferrule

* 57" long.

This cue is supplied with a soft cue sleeve, 29" extension and 6" mini-butt.

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Medium (18 oz)
In stock Usually despatched within 2-3 days