Sure Shot Quick Fit 3 In 1 Garden Set (Badminton, Volleyball and Tennis)

The Sure Shot Quick Fit 3-in-1 Tennis, Badminton and Volleyball post - the perfect garden set for all round fun with family and friends

The set is designed to be totally portable and allow you to play a game of Tennis, Badminton or Volleyball wherever you go. Making it ideal for home use in the garden or taking on any day trips or holidays. With everything contained within a single mid-size box that can easily fit into any car boot. The pack offers a great opportunity to play the sports together and only takes two minutes to assemble. With a quick-fit design – the net can be setup in minutes and ready for play.

The Post and Net is adjustable to provide different heights for each of the three sports – and includes the relevant rackets and balls for each.

Dimensions of Post and Net when setup:

Tennis – 112cm Height x 33cm Width x 250cm Length

Badminton – 158cm Height x 33cm Width x 319cm Length

Volleyball – 226cm Height x 33m Width x 305cm Length

The pack includes:

- One Post and Net

- One Tennis net

- Two 25" Aluminium Tennis rackets with PVC grip

- One Yellow Tennis Ball

- One Badminton Net

- Two Full size steel badminton rackets with PVC grip

- Two Plastic Badminton shuttles

- One Volleyball net

- One size five Volleyball

- One Mini Pump

- One Base peg to secure the post in place

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