Uwin Stage Three Red Balls (Pack of 12)

Uwin mini tennis low compression red balls are designed for stage three and have a diameter of 75mm (2.9”)

Pressure less tennis balls are 75% slower than the standard balls giving players more time to move into position to hit the ball and develop the correct strokes.

- The two tone colour of the balls helps concentration and ability to see spin development

- Facilitating learning tennis skills and makes it much quicker

- These are a great choice for kids and adults who are new to the game giving them more time to move into position

- Perfect for use on a Stage 3/Mini Red tennis court

- Supplied in a pack of 12

These balls are designed in line with the ITF's Play and Stay campaign, which is a global initiative aimed at making tennis more accessible, enjoyable, and sustainable for players of all ages and skill levels.

The campaign uses different-coloured tennis balls to match the skill level of the players. Red balls are used for beginners (including children), orange balls for intermediate players, and green balls for more advanced players. These balls are slower and lighter than traditional tennis balls, making it easier for players to rally and enjoy the game.

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