Victor IP 7 Racket

The IP 7 is engineered in Germany by Victor, suited to defensive players looking for a combination of defence, control and accuracy

Compared to other rackets, the oversized head and enlarged sweet spot allows for a greater margin of error. As a result, it makes playing feel a lot easier and gives the racket an overall better feel. Made from 100% high modulus graphite, it has a heart head shape roughly 500cm2 in diameter. It is the professional squash association suggested length of 27”, weighing around 130g which allows for greater control. The head heavy design and balance point being at 355mm allows for even greater control. Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro string is used, following a 16 x 19 template allowing for more control. It has a maximum stringing tension of 12kg.

It follows a yellow and black colour scheme and a full size thermo bag is issued as standard.


- Material: 100% High Modulus Graphite

- Colour: Yellow, Black

- Head Shape: Heart

- Head Size: Approx. 500cm2

- Weight: Approx. 130g

- Length: Approx. 27”

- Balance: Approx. 355mm

- Maximum Stringing Tension: 12kg.

- String Pattern: 16 x 19 Template

- String: Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro - Yellow

- Game Type: Defence/Control

- Bag: Full Size Thermo bag

- Extras: Concave, Engineered in Germany

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In stock Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.