Pickleball United Indoor Education Set

Pickleball United Indoor Education Set consists of 6 All Round paddles, two dozen indoor pickleball balls and 10 foot driveway portable net system

The Pickleball United All Round paddle is an entry level paddle.

The perfect paddle for your dinks and drives. Made with a revolutionary cork core which reduces the weight of the paddle. A seven ply wood face provides superior control and balance. Easy on the pocket and packs a punch.

- Cork Core

- Seven ply Wood Face

- Control

- Balance

- 270g

- Length 41.5cm

- Width 19.5cm

The Pickleball United Freedom Indoor ball is a hard and fast indoor pickleball ball featuring 26 holes. They have precise, single-sized holes drilled into their surface so they fly true and remain consistent during play.

The bright colour is great for visibility so they stand out against any background.

The ball is made from TPU plastic for added durability. The lightweight design provides the ideal combination of speed, control and precision.

Diameter : 2.88 inches (7.3 cm)

Weight : 27g

The Pickleball United driveway pickleball net system is quick and easy to use. Completely freestanding, this net can be used on any playing surface and is suitable for indoor or outdoor courts. The high quality construction can be assembled/disassembled in just minutes.

Net measures 10 foot x 34 inches.

The frame is made from powder coated steel to increase strength and durability. Tubing has a 25mm diameter and is 1.2mm thick.

The black mesh net has vinyl white net bindings with a velcro strap system.

Supplied with a carry bag.

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