Pickleball United Freedom Two Player Set

The Pickleball United Freedom starter pack contains two Freedom paddles and six Freedom balls; three indoor and three outdoor

The Pickleball United Freedom Paddle is a great choice for players who are looking to improve their game. The paddle features a high quality Graphite face which provides control and power.

The honeycomb polymer core ensures the paddle is lightweight but durable. Its unique shape and size provides a larger sweetspot for increased accuracy and consistency. Also features a comfortable grip which helps reduce vibration. The seamless band increases power and control.

Weight: 212g

Length 39.5cm

Width 19.5cm

The Pickleball United Freedom ball is made from TPU plastic for added durability. The lightweight design provides the ideal combination of speed, control and precision. The bright colour is great for visibility so they stand out against any background.

Diameter 2.88inches (7.3cm)

Weight 27g

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