Sure Shot Tri-Fold 6’ x 2’ Mat – 30mm

The Sure Shot Fitness Tri-Fold mat – in a 50mm thickness

Designed for a variety of uses the Sure Shot Tri-Fold mat is suitable for use at home or the local gym. With a high-density foam inner, it offers great support and cushioning during exercise. The mat’s cover is made from a high-quality PU leather that is non-slip, wipe clean and highly durable. Measuring 6' x 2' (182cm x 60cm) the mat is the ideal size for individual exercises with a 50mm (5cm) thickness for support and comfort.

The Tri-Fold system makes the mat ideally suited where storage is limited at home or gyms. Its four-piece / three-fold design system means it closes into a 2' x 2' x 0.49 (60cm x 60cm x 15cm) cube shape for both easy storage and portability. The mat includes carry handles for use when transporting the mat inside and outside of the home.

Available in Black, Navy, Silver/Grey, Purple or Orange

IDEAL FITNESS MAT - Superior cushioning and comfort makes this mat a must have for all kinds of daily physical routines. Yoga; Gymnastics; Cross fit; Pilates; Martial Arts; Gym Exercises or even for Stretches, this is your go too mat

HIGH QUALITY OUTER MATERIAL - The outer material is made from a superior non-slip, wipe clean, water and sweat resistant, and durable toxin free PU leather. This offers excellent safety and hygiene every time you exercise.

SUPERIOR COMFORT - High density foam used for superior comfort and cushioning provides extra support to joints and spine.

PERFECT DESIGN FOR STORAGE - The ergonomically designed foldable mat implements a three-fold system making it easy for storage in cupboard, car boots or in storage units at the gym.

PORTABILITY: Three folds, coupled with the robust carry handles, makes this mat incredibly portable. The compact design makes transportation easy

USE IT INDOOR - Ideal for fitness, this mat is perfect your indoor activities. Kids can play, tumble, dance without hurting the joints. You can also use this mat to relax or for meditation

USE IT OUTDOOR - Portable design with handles and light weight makes it easier to carry this mat for your outdoor adventures. Lay it on grass or any hard surface for various outdoor activities like camping, training, kids play, picnic or for any other group activity this mat will perfectly fit in.

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