Urban Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell - Max Weight 18kg/40lb

The Urban Fitness adjustable kettlebell, has a great functional design with it's slide, pull & lift locking mechanism which keeps the weight plates secured. Giving seven weight combinations in a compact design

This ultimate fitness partner helps to develop functional strength, power, endurance, core stability and balance. Can be swung, lifted and pushed, they offer users a comprehensive full body, fat burning workout like no other kind of fitness equipment can.

Functional design - slide, pull & lift locking mechanism to keep weights secured.

7 Weight combinations:

40lb = 18.14kg

35lb = 15.88kg

30lb = 13.60kg

25lb = 11.34kg

20lb = 9.07kg

15lb = 6.80kg

10lb = 4.54kg

Easy to store and transport.

Ideal for building strength, power and core stability.

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