Baden Sports Champions Bocce Ball Set - 90mm

Keep this compact game at the ready for easy, setup-free outdoor fun! Perfect for all ages, bocce is the perfect game to break out at the annual family reunion with the conveniently-sized 90 mm ball set


- Four green balls, four red balls, a white pallino, and one 5' foot measuring tape

- Grab and Go - Durable, black, weather-resistant carrying case with straps that makes transporting this set a breeze.

- High Quality - Poly-Resin balls for play on various surfaces won't crack or chip.

- High Visibility - Our sets include a full size pallino, making it easy to see and prevents it from getting lost in the lawn.

Details -

- Number of Players: 2 to 8

- Bocce Ball Size: 90mm

- Measuring Tape: 5 feet

- Ball Material: Poly-Resin

- Carry Bag: Heavy duty nylon bag w/ zipper & carry handles

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