Baden Sports Horween Leather Gameball

Re-engineered leather with optimum shape, with Sharkback lace, smallest regulation size ball, and trigger seams – to produce a quality leather football

Optimum shape – Baden’s extensive research has created the ultimate shape for a football. Technology has allowed them to dial in their patented shape for ideal hand placement. Using 3D scanners they’ve been able to calculate the force once the ball leaves the players hand. Creating a ball that practically spirals itself

Sharkback Lace – The lace features a longitudinal ‘fins’ that anchor the QB’s fingers, letting them snap down with more force and minimal slipping

Trigger Seams – the ball has slightly raised seams to provide a trigger for the index finger to achieve a faster spin rate.

Re-Engineered leather – The QB1 leather provides a more solid grip, tight spiral, and a faster spin rate in all conditions

Smallest Legal size – the smaller the ball, the further you can throw it. The smaller ball allows further distance, accuracy and greater velocity

- Full size ball only - ideal for competition use

- Re-engineered leather for enhanced grip

- Improved perfection shape

- QB1 Buckskin colour

- SharkBack lace for a faster spin rate

- Trigger seams

- Four-ply liner

- Longer lace footprint

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