Drakes Pride 2" Table Bowls Set

We're big fans of this game at JPS Towers. This is a delightful set of table bowls which has proven popular with everybody that we've shown it to

If you have a full-size snooker table then this kit contains everything you need to play the game of lawn bowls indoors. The composition bowls are made by Drakes Pride, one of the most respected names in bowling.

• 2 sets of 4 2" bowling balls, each with a different bias

• 1 3/8" jack

• Jack chute

• The rules of table bowls

The pair with the yellow rings having the weakest bias, the green pair have slightly more bias, the blue pair slightly more again and the red pair have the most bias.

Unfortunately these bowls require a full-size table and aren't suitable for a smaller table (there's not enough space for them to turn).

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John Parrott says...

"Too often when I should be practising I've got side-tracked by a game of table bowls!"

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