We're an official UK distributor for Kamui products

Kamui is the World's number one brand of high performance tip and tipping products. Their products are designed to give you the most possible grip on every shot which translates to more spin, more control and more consistency.

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Kamui Snooker Tips

Kamui's Original and Black tips in snooker sizes

Kamui Original

The original layered tip from Kamui

Kamui Black Tips

A more elastic leather for even more spin

Kamui Clear Original

An additional clear layer for the best possible connection with your cue

Kamui Clear Black

Kamui's springy black leather with the clear bottom layer

Kamui Control Break

Kamui Chalk

The smoothest chalk in the world

Kamui Athlete

Kamui Gloves

For always smooth cueing

Kamui Accessories

Take care of your Kamui tip

Kamui Trip Case

Protect your case on the move