Precision Fusion IMS Training Ball (Yellow/Blue)

The Fusion training ball range is made to International Match ball Standard (IMS), delivering strength and durability on a host of different pitches. Their consistency in the most challenging of conditions provides players with dependable performance, instilling confidence for the big game

- International Match Standard training ball

- Textured TPU outer shell

- PU sealing at seams for high level of resistance to water absorption

- 3.5mm EVA foam backing

- One PV backing layer

- HR wound bladder with high rebound properties & polyester latex cemented winding

The Fusion has passed rigorous testing to FIFA IMS standard for:

- Circumference to check to ball is the perfect size

- Sphericity to check the ball is perfectly round

- Rebound properties at different temperatures so the + ball remains optimum in any environment

- Ball weight between tight parameters

- Loss of pressure so the ball loses very little air over a long period of time

- Water absorption so the ball remains + playable even in the wettest conditions

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