Buffalo Challenger 6ft English Pool Table

6ft Buffalo Challenger pool table with folding legs, 15mm composite bed and foot leveller

Can be used to play – Pool and Snooker.

Unable to fit a full-sized pool table in your home? This economical table is the answer, it has folding legs for easy storage and is very robust and will stand the test of time.

This table comes with folding legs, therefore once you’ve beaten all challengers; you can put it away until the next time someone dares to challenge you! This table contains levellers at the base of each leg and L-shaped snooker profile cushions.

Includes a complete set of 2" pool balls (engraved spots and stripes) and 2" snooker ball set (15 reds plus yellow, green, brownm blue, pink, black and white balls), two 145cm two-piece cues, a plastic triangle, rail brush, two pieces of blue chalk, 4 levellers and the pre-fitted blue cloth.

Overall size: 183cm x 101cm x 79cm (72" x 40"x 31")

Weight: 67.5kgs

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