Unicorn Gary Anderson Noir Phase 6 Steel Tip Dart Set - 90% Tungsten

The Unicorn Noir range of darts epitomises class and style. Renowned championship winning players patterns in black titanium nitride coating

Secondary machining coupled with laser engraved Unicorn hallmark. Complete with Volute Points - which offer incredible grip in the board without leaving any damage to the sisal.

- Championship winning players patterns

- 90% Black Titanium Nitride Tungsten

- Volute Points

- Gary Anderson Phase 6 Player Design In Noir Coating - As Used By Gary Anderson

- Ultrafly Noir Organic AR2 Flights

- Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g

- Engraved Unicorn Hallmark

21G L: 46.3mm D: 7.2mm

22G L: 48.5mm D: 7.2mm

23G* L: 50.7mm D: 7.2mm

24G L: 50.7mm D: 7.2mm

25G L: 50.7mm D: 7.2mm

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