Unicorn Contender Dartboard

The Unicorn Contender Board is the ultimate starter board

The Contender Dartboard is designed for newcomers to darts to get maximum enjoyment from the incredible game we know and love. When starting out, hitting the winning double or getting close to treble 20 can seem impossible, but the Contender board makes it twice as likely!

What's the point in playing a game of darts if you can't enjoy it? The Contender board will increase scoring, decrease frustration and make you more likely to come back and play again! Once you feel confident that you can hit your targets, then you're ready to progress to a traditional sized dartboard, of which Unicorn have a variety to suit every player.

- 50% larger doubles and trebles for maximum scoring and enjoyment

- 25% bigger outer bullseye

- High quality round wire construction

- SuperSlimâ„¢ wire fasteners to increase playing area

- Staple free Bullseye

- Competition quality bristle board

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In stock Usually despatched within 2-3 working days.