Molten BGLX Leather Basketball

Superior construction from top grade leather

Parallel pebble construction for excellent performance and complete consistency of touch.

Patented 12 panel Giugiaro design with full flat seams and flat pebble surface for better fingertip control and consistent backspin.

The BGL range are made from top grade leather, allowing superior grip and a consistent feel across the ball.

Official size and weight.

* Premium Leather

* Original Leather Texture Surface

* 12 Panel Giugiaro

* Bladder - Butyl

* Supplied Inflated

FIBA Offical Game Ball.

Suitable for indoor use only.

Correct inflation is critical to maintain the performance and longevity of this product. The correct pressure is printed around the valve. Over inflation will damage the ball. Always lubricate the needle before insertion when using a pump.

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Size 7, full-size men's ball (out of stock)
Size 6, for women and male and female players aged 11-14
Currently unavailable

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