Bronx Alloy Baseball Bat

The Bronx range of aluminium baseball bats are ideal as a low-cost option of bat. The range includes

three different sizes making them suitable for all ages.

Built to last - the bats have a 1-piece construction and made from durable aluminium for a bat that will last longer than a standard wood model. For safety the models include a rolled end design with a synthetic grip for comfort. The range has been re-designed with a bold green and black colour scheme with Bronx graphics on the barrel.

- Bronx alloy baseball bats are ideal as a low-cost option

- Aluminium 1-piece construction for durability

- Synthetic grip for comfort

- Rolled end for safety

- Re-designed colour scheme in green and black with Bronx logo on the barrel

- Attractively designed at a low price point

Three lengths available:

- 26" length is ideal for younger players

- 30" length is ideal for youth players, taking their first steps into the sport

- 34" length is designed for adult players

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In stock Usually despatched within 2-3 working days