Victor Bravesword 12 SE B Racket

One of the best selling Victor rackets of all time, the original Brave Sword racket was used by World No 1 MD player Lee Yong Dae, as well as other stars from the Korean Ream

The legendary ‘sword’ shape head provides exceptional aerodynamics while the even balance and medium flex ensures this racket excels in all game situations.

Designed for attacking and counter attacking styles of badminton – a great all around racket. This racket comes unstrung.


SWORD - This diamond shaped design cuts through the air like a sword. It significantly reduces air resistance and provides a faster swing speed.

NANO TEC – The Nano Tec technology works by evenly distributing nano-sixed particles in the vacant space between carbon fibre bundles; this increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite fibres and reduces the distortion of the frame.

PYROFIL – PYROFIL carbon is advanced high performance and ultra-light material from Japan. It offers excellent shock absorption and enhances handling in every single game.

HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY – Inspired by Helicoptr rotor blade technology, the multilayered structure made of carbon fibre and composites, minimise the material size and reinforces handling feel and performance.

FREE CORE- Designed by computer simulation and aided with the adoption of injection moulding technique, this revolutionised handle style allows the shaft to move more freely which can not only make swings smoother but also improve the handling experience.


Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + Nano resin

Shaf Material: High Resileince Modulus Graphite + Pyrofil + Nano Resin

Balance: Slightly Head Light

Stiff / Flex: Medium Stiffness

Colour: Blue

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