Valhalla BRK Cue

North American Hard Rock Maple, Original Artwork, Stainless Steel Butt Cap and Joint, Irish Linen Wrap, High Impact Ferrule, Nickel Silver Rings, 5/16x18 Joint, Interchangeable Weight System, Premium Extra Hard Tip

Valhalla BRK Cue (diagonal)

Behold Valhalla. Created by the engineers at Viking, Valhalla cues bring high-tech performance and killer style to a single, powerful tool.

All Valhalla cues come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, including warpage.


* Tip: Premium Leather

* Weight: 19oz

* Ferrule: High Impact Resin

* Wrap: 100% Irish Linen

* Shaft: North American Hard Rock Maple

* Taper: Strong Taper

* Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane

* Forearm: North American Hard Rock Maple

* Joint: Stainless Steel

* Pin: Stainless Steel

* Butt plate: Stainless Steel

* Bumper: Rubber

* Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage

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