Buffalo Professional Black Leather Jump/Break American Pool Cue

This cue has a premium quality Canadian maple shaft with pro taper, a black max tip & ferrule and a black leather grip that runs all the way to the butt cap

This is a very impressive jump & break cue. The tip & ferrule of this cue, the ‘black max’, are combined, making it very hard indeed and ideal for breaking & jumping the cueball. Therefore you do not need to worry about re-tipping this cue. If you find yourself snookered, just remove the quick release grip section and jump away! Double silver rings bracket the joint, at the base of the forearm & at the butt cap contrasting with the sleek, moodiness of the black leather grip.

This cue is probably the most popular Jump Break Pool cue on the UK professional circuit with many pro players benefiting from it’s serious performance and great value for money.

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