Aramith Super Pro 'TV Pro Cup' American Pool Balls

Top drawer set of American pool balls made from Aramith's Super Pro phenolic resin

If you're serious about your game and want equipment to match then you need to treat yourself to a set of these. All Aramith balls are quality and head and shoulders above what you find in your typical pool hall but the balls in the blue and gold boxes are very special indeed.

This set features revised colours (the pinks and browns are different shades to a regular set in order to be more easily distinguished from the other colours on television) and the famous six red dot cue ball which really adds to the playing experience by allowing you to clearly visualise the spin on the cue ball.

Full size, 2ΒΌ" American pool balls.

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John Parrott says...

"Our finest set of American pool balls and a pleasure to play with."

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